Government is an integral player in the lives of its residents and in businesses. This is especially true at the local, municipal level. The attorneys at Bousquet Holstein have represented cities, towns and villages in the Central New York region, as well as representing individuals and businesses appearing before local governmental boards and agencies.

Municipalities often act as the catalyst for economic growth in our area. Our attorneys have acted as trusted advisors to local governments in policy analysis and aided in the decision-making processes which affect residents and businesses alike.

The attorneys at Bousquet Holstein have assisted local governments in such areas as cable television franchise awards and renewals, the establishment of special districts and the enactment of local laws. We have also represented individuals and businesses appearing before Planning Boards, Zoning Boards of Appeals and tax grievance procedures.

Bousquet Holstein is a trusted source of knowledge and information for both municipalities and the individuals and businesses needing representation before local government.


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