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Julia J. Martin Julia J. Martin

Julia J. Martin

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Direct Dial: 315.701.6474
Mobile Phone: 315.317.5856
Direct Fax: 315.423.2891
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Julia J. Martin Julia J. Martin
I try to create a personal connection with my clients and take their stresses off of their shoulders and on to mine.”

When people and businesses are facing an overwhelming legal issue, trying to navigate the often-murky waters of the law – any law — is a daunting proposition. The fear and confusion can be overwhelming. To get peace of mind, alleviate their anxiety, and get clear, direct answers from a highly responsive legal professional, people seek Julia Martin’s counsel for sound guidance, experienced, knowledgeable counsel, and the reassurance that somebody who really cares about them is now taking care of their problems. Julia’s philosophy is that once clients put their trust in her, as so many have, she assumes their issues, stresses, and burdens as her own. More than a problem solver, Julia is a partner, a coach, and a trusted advisor for her clients until every issue they need addressed is resolved fairly.

Estate Planning and Administration

Some of the most important issues people encounter during their lifetimes involve children, aging, and death. It is important to plan for what will happen to your estate, and your loved ones, after you die. Individuals seeking guidance on every phase of estate planning and administration rely on Julia to help develop that plan and prepare the wills, trusts, and other necessary documents to help give peace of mind that their wishes will be carried out after they are gone.  Julia works with her clients to understand their goals and to develop a plan to achieve them.  In addition, Julia can walk clients through the broad range of complicated issues that come with aging, including planning for long-term care and Medicaid, guardianship concerns, disability planning, as well as preparation of health care proxies and powers of attorney.  She also assists individuals sort out the often-complex legal issues they encounter after a death.

Employee Benefits

Companies needing guidance developing their employee benefits plans benefit from Julia’s years of experience helping employers with implementation and compliance issues. If you’re setting up a plan for your employees, or need advice on how to keep your plan tax qualified and compliant with federal regulations, Julia will help you on these and other critical issues.  Julia has worked with employers to build plan documents, summary plan descriptions, and amendments, as well as submission of plans for review and approval by the IRS.

Tax Planning and Advocacy

People and businesses in search of experienced, thoughtful tax planning and advocacy call on Julia for help with any tax problem, including advice on tax law or resolving a daunting tax liability.  Whether the client is facing the troubling prospect of an audit, struggling with collection efforts by taxing authorities, or just looking for guidance on what to do to minimize tax exposure, Julia provides thoughtful and sound advice, as well as experienced representation before the IRS and the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance.  Julia also helps companies understand the wide variety of economic development tax credits and benefits available for individuals and businesses, including the New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program.

An attorney who is deeply interested in ensuring that a wide variety of clients receives highly competent legal help, Julia has spearheaded Bousquet Holstein’s leadership in focusing on the legal needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) individuals and families. Julia served as an Adjunct Professor at Cazenovia College for the Fall 2014 semester, where she co-taught a course entitled “Sexuality, Gender, and the Law.”  She recently presented to the Central New York Society for Human Resource Managers (CNYSHRM) Diversity and Inclusion Committee on the impact of changing same sex marriage laws on employers and employee benefits programs and spoke at a Continuing Legal Education session on the topic of Medicaid Planning for Same-Sex Couples. Julia is also conversant in American Sign Language.

Tax Law

Whether you need help as an individual or a business owner, tax law is complex and confusing, and for most people and businesses, even the thought of dealing with any tax problem—especially a large one—is staggering, while the actual battle can be exhausting and fraught with unexpected problems.

Julia Martin will guide you or your business through the often-tricky tax laws and regulations that affect you, advising you on the impact of your choices on your company so that you can make the best possible day-to-day decisions to protect yourself.

Should you find yourself or your company with a tax liability, Julia will negotiate on your behalf—and represent you before the IRS or New York State, if necessary—and help set up a payment plan if you need one. She has successfully negotiated to reduce several clients’ tax liabilities and penalties.

Julia can also help you find and maximize the economic development incentives your business qualifies for, including Brownfield Cleanup Program and Empire Zone tax credits.

Estate Planning and Administration

Some of the most important issues you’ll confront are life and death decisions. You need to plan for what will happen to your estate, and your loved ones, after you die. Often, clients come to Julia after a death in the family, grieving and emotionally vulnerable, needing someone they can trust to sort out their legal issues. Julia strongly advises you to plan your estate now so that your heirs will not be put in that position.

She will sit down with you to discuss your circumstances, carefully evaluate your assets and wishes, and develop a plan that meets your needs. Julia will prepare all the documents you need, including:

• wills and trusts
• living wills
• powers of attorney and healthcare proxies (if you become unable to make your own decisions)

Employee Benefits

If you’re setting up a plan for your employees, or need advice on how to keep your plan tax qualified and compliant with federal regulations, Julia will help you on these and other critical issues. She has worked with employer-sponsored health and welfare plans on a number of issues, including those that arise from the Affordable Care Act, and has lectured on the effect of the ACA on employers.

Julia will prepare your plan’s documents, summary descriptions, and notices required by federal law, and submit your plan to the IRS for determination letters and to correct errors. She also has a good understanding of the complicated rule involving retirement benefits, so she will help you set those up in a manner that makes sense for your company and employees, while keeping you compliant.

In complicated cases where individuals need to divide retirement assets after a divorce proceeding, Julia will prepare qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs) and any other kind of specialized order that will help you avoid paying tax as a result of this division.

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  • Julia served as a member of the project team responsible for filing appeals for New York State Empire Zone reinstatement.
  • Julia assisted the organizing committee of the New York State Brownfield Coalition, a collaborative group of representatives from all phases of the industry whose objective is the education and sharing of ideas in how to successfully navigate the NYS Brownfield application process.
  • Julia managed the submission of five employer-sponsored retirement plans for review by the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the filing cycles established under the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (EGTRRA) and to maintain the plans’ “qualified” status for tax purposes.
  • Julia assisted in the preparation of an employer-sponsored health and welfare benefit plan, including preparation of the plan document, summary plan description, and notices required by federal law.
  • Julia successfully negotiated with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board to reduce a client’s penalty by more than half.
  • Julia resolved multiple clients’ New York State sales and use tax liabilities through Voluntary Disclosure and Compliance Program, allowing the clients to avoid expensive penalties associated with the taxes. She has also worked on IRS and NYS Offer in Compromise process, helping resolve clients’ tax liabilities for fractions of what they originally owed.
  • Onondaga County Bar Association
  • New York State Bar Association


  • Adjunct faculty at Cazenovia College – Sexuality, Gender and the Law class
  • Syracuse Stage Guild Board of Directors, Vice President of Fundraising; Past Vice President of Public Relations
  • University Neighborhood Preservation Association, past member
  • Central New York Women’s Bar Association, Treasurer
  • ACR Health, Member – Q Center Committee


  • J.D., Syracuse University College of Law, 2009
  • B.A., Syracuse University, 2006


  • New York

You are not only a very knowledgeable and efficient lawyer, but also kind and compassionate when dealing with life changing situations for your clients. I would not have made it through the last couple of years without you and Paul.

                                                                                 Michele C. Coughlin

I speak for both David and myself when I say you were extremely helpful with all of our questions, explaining the complicated “legalese” in a way in which we understood well. You were accommodating to our schedule, meeting us at B&N as well as later business hours. You were prompt in your responses via email and mail, and very thorough and knowledgeable in your work. You and your staff also made us feel comfortable at your office as well.

                                                                                Estate Planning Clients


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