Steven A. Paquette

Office: Syracuse
Direct Dial: 315.701.6438
Mobile Phone: 315.374.7559
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Steven A. Paquette

Steven A. Paquette

Office: Syracuse
Direct Dial: 315.701.6438
Mobile Phone: 315.374.7559
Direct Fax: 315.423.2801
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Steven A. Paquette

Individuals facing complex and highly sensitive legal issues involving divorce and family law, whether ultimately resolved through negotiation, or litigation—will benefit from Steven Paquette’s broad legal background, 33 successful years’ experience in the courtroom, and his access to the multidisciplinary expertise and seasoned counsel of the top legal professionals at Bousquet Holstein.

A Certified Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML)—a position achieved only by a small, specially skilled group of lawyers—Steven is exposed to the highest levels of thinking, writing, and professional contact involving matrimonial law, helping him become an exceptional advocate for his clients. His membership not only indicates his superior skills but also a deeper understanding of his clients’ most complex issues and situations, and the knowledge to resolve them.

Having spent 20 of his 33 professional years as a general practitioner, Steve’s diverse background in real estate law, business law, bankruptcy law, estates and trusts, civil litigation, and several other disciplines is especially advantageous to this clients, since it enables him to authoritatively guide them through the many areas that are touched by divorce, including:

  • custody
  • alimony and spousal support
  • child support
  • equitable distribution of marital assets
  • business and enhanced earnings valuation
  • taxes and estate planning

Recently designated a “Super Lawyer” by his peers, Steve helps clients navigate the often-contentious and highly complicated property division issues that arise during divorce proceedings. As important, however, is his professional network of outstanding legal experts who are ready to offer counsel if further clarification or additional information on any issue is necessary.

To be of further service to his clients, and to reduce the anxiety, confusion and confrontation that often characterize the divorce process, Steve has a great deal of experience in using collaborative law methods, a practice area that emphasizes a gentler, less-combative approach. He serves on the Board of directors for the CNY Collaborative Practice Group. Many clients choose to have Steve explore this alternative method of dispute resolution, which:

  • promotes reasonable decision making
  • seeks to calm the process
  • fosters greater empathy on each side
  • facilitates a fair and equitable solution
  • respects the needs of children

With over three decades in the courtroom trying both jury and non-jury litigation cases, Steve is well known as a powerful advocate for his clients, an outstanding negotiator and a superior litigator. Having spent some time as a special prosecutor, Steve has a hands-on perspective of how all sides prepare for and handle cases, as well as a thorough understanding of how the court system can be best used to achieve a fair result for all parties.

His familiarity with the rules of discovery, ability to negotiate settlements within the court system, and his reputation for seeing matters to a successful conclusion on behalf of his clients even after trial when necessary, have earned Steve the trust and confidence of his clients throughout his career. In addition, his exceptionally strong background in a number of legal disciplines has given him a uniquely effective skill set that helps him evaluate and solve his clients’ problems, which often require expertise in many different kinds of law.

Steve also works closely with businesses to help them maximize their economic development opportunities in Upstate New York, using his substantial experience in government affairs in both the public and private sectors—including his tenure as a New York State tax attorney and adjunct professor of business law—to help his clients achieve their objectives.

A highly regarded lawyer who seeks to bring a measure of compassionate understanding to every facet of his practice, and who really cares about his clients and community, Steve currently serves as the President-Elect of the CNY Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation board, International Treasurer of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity.

Collaborative Family Law

“Collaborative law gives a kinder, friendlier way for two parties to solve their dispute. It lets them lock eyes with one another and to sit across from the person that at one point was the biggest, most important person in your life, and to try and put yourself in their shoes when you’re negotiating.”

If you’re seeking a divorce, there is a gentler way to handle it, so that disputes can be resolved peacefully, away from the confrontational atmosphere that clouds so many spousal separations: collaboration. Currently President-elect of CNY Collaborative Practice, Inc., Steve Paquette is one of about two dozen lawyers in the area who are trained and certified in this increasingly popular alternative to the traditionally combative, often-aggressive litigation that accompanies divorce proceedings. Steve can guide you through the collaborative family law process, which:

  • seeks a resolution acceptable to all parties—outside of court
  • involves collaboration between you and your spouse and between your attorneys
  • does not seek advantage or victory based on tactical mistakes
  • ensures that the best interests of children are of primary consideration
  • seeks dignity, fairness, and the long-term well-being of all parties

Steve’s experience and training in collaborative law and litigation mean that you will have a strong advocate for your interests as well as a counselor who can skillfully guide you through the process, without the adversarial bickering and gamesmanship of court-fought divorce.

Divorce and Family Law

As you begin the process of seeking divorce, you have several issues to consider, including division of assets, and child custody and support.

A Certified Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Steven Paquette has the expertise and over three decades of experience to successfully guide you in matrimonial and family court matters, including complicating factors such as:

  • maintaining a family business after divorce
  • professional licenses
  • sophisticated retirement plans
  • ensuring fair distribution in high income/asset cases
  • geographic relocation
  • prenuptial agreements
  • asset protection
  • child custody and support issues

Steve’s wide-ranging background in several areas of law that often play a role in divorce proceedings, as well as his access to the expertise and counsel of many high-level legal professionals at Bousquet Holstein, will be an asset as you pursue an equitable, peaceful resolution to your problems. Steve will work to facilitate a collaborative environment while working to minimize or eliminate the need for litigation whenever possible.

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  • Certified Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
  • Represents matrimonial matters involving family businesses, professional licenses, sophisticated retirement plans, high income and/or high assets
  • Achieved resolution in dozens of matrimonial and family court matters involving divorce, custody, support and geographic relocation in Supreme Court and Family Court proceedings across the Central New York Region
  • Represents matters where child custody and support issues are involved
  • Won a decision after a lengthy trial regarding validity of Prenuptial Agreement involving a long term marriage and millions in assets
  • Successfully advocated on behalf of client in a matrimonial matter who was able to protect millions of dollars in separate property interests from equitable distribution
  • Successfully advocated on behalf of several business owners in various matrimonial matters in order to protect their interest in maintaining their business after divorce
  • Advocated on behalf of several non-monied spouses in high income, high asset cases to assure that the spouse received a fair share of income and assets in divorce
  • Successfully completed several collaborative law matters on behalf of both wives and husbands achieving child centered results without the need for litigation
  • Works closely with several area businesses in collaboration with Bousquet Holstein PLLC colleagues to maximize economic development opportunities in Upstate New York
  • Lobbied successfully for business friendly modifications to the current Empire Zone Tax Incentive Plan
  • Defended two white collar criminal matters involving significant tax liabilities
  • Served as Special Prosecutor on matters on appointment by County Court
  • Supervised completion of dozens of commercial and residential real estate transactions
  • New York State Council on Divorce Mediation
  • Certified Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
  • Super Lawyers, New York State Edition, Family Law 2014, 2015, 2016
  • International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • Central New York Collaborative Law Professionals, Immediate Past President, Board of Directors; Current Member, Executive Committee
  • National Board of Trial Advocacy
  • New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers
  • New York State Bar Association
  • Onondaga County Bar Association, Assigned Counsel Program, Board of Directors
  • Community General Hospital, Quality Committee Board of Directors
  • Delta Tau Delta, Syracuse University, President, Alumni Board of Directors
  • Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, International 2nd Vice President
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation-CNY Chapter, Immediate Past President, Board of Directors
  • Knights of Columbus, St. Michael’s Parish, Onondaga Hill
  • Onondaga Community College, Adjunct Professor of Business Law, Faculty Representative Student Conduct Disciplinary Board
  • Onondaga County Democratic Committee, Lawyers Committee Member, Former Chair
  • Syracuse University Alumni Association
  • New York State Democratic Committee, Former Member Executive Committee
  • The Redhouse, Former Member Board of Directors
  • Parish Council, St. Michael’s Parish
  • Delta Tau Delta International Fraternity Board of Directors
  • Delta Tau Delta International Foundation Board of Directors
  • American Heart Association – CNY Region – Executive Leadership Team for the Annual Heart Walk


  • J.D., Syracuse University College of Law, 1979
  • B.A., Syracuse University – S.I. Newhouse School, 1977


  • New York
  • United States District Court, Northern and Western Districts of New York
  • United States Supreme Court







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