Aidan Mitchell-Eaton

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Aidan Mitchell-Eaton

Aidan Mitchell-Eaton

Direct Dial: 315.701.6470
Mobile Phone: 585.298.1412
Direct Fax: 315.410.1541
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Aidan Mitchell-Eaton

Not-for-profit organizations seeking help on a wide range of issues benefit from Aidan Mitchell-Eaton’s background and experience.  His tenure as a Law Clerk at the New York State Attorney General’s Office, where he worked to protect charitable interests and the People of New York State, has given him valuable insight into the unique challenges facing not-for-profit organizations.

A former manager and editor of the Buffalo Public Interest Law Journal, Aidan has a passion for guiding not-for-profit organization through all aspects of the often-tricky founding stages, including:

• entity formation

• obtaining tax-exempt status

• development of governing documents and procedures

• coordination and compliance with the New York State Attorney General’s Office

Individuals who would like a genuine, caring attorney to handle their estate planning needs—including those involving family members with disability challenges—trust Aidan for his attentive, personal approach and sensitivity to their circumstances.  Aidan helps his clients maneuver through complicated issues facing their elderly and disabled relatives, helping them hold on to their assets and representing them in areas such as Medicaid planning, supplemental needs trusts and preparation of living wills, health care proxies and powers of attorney.  Aidan gives caregivers and family members the confidence to handle long-term care issues and provides answers  when they are faced with a sudden death of a spouse, or difficult health and medical issues of family members.

Not-for-Profit Law

Whether your not-for-profit organization is just an idea, a firmly established entity, or somewhere in between, there are two invariable truths: you have issues that are specific to your corporate structure, and the best legal counsel you can have is an attorney who understands not-for-profit issues, like creation, governance, compliance, taxes, and much more.

Aidan Mitchell-Eaton has built his practice on helping not-for-profits navigate the murky operational and regulatory waters of New York State.  So if you’re trying to figure out the best way to incorporate, wonder which kind of tax-exempt status you qualify for, or only have a vague idea how to structure your organization, Aidan will help you through this sometimes overwhelming process.  He will help you with:

• forming your organization

• determining and then obtaining your tax-exempt status

• developing the policies, procedures and documents that form the basis of your entity

• getting in—and staying in—compliance with regulations governing not-for-profits

Aidan is well-qualified to help you take your not-for-profit from idea to reality, or help your already-established organization with employee and governance issues, tax issues, and staying in compliance.

Trusts and Estates

Planning your estate and creating a trust for your loved ones is a very personal undertaking, and for many people, it can be an emotional one, too.  Interpersonal conflicts, underlying (and sometimes unspoken) family dynamics, and assorted other issues often play a role. And if you have family members with special needs, that adds another layer of complexity; long-term care and finances can be especially difficult issues.

Let Aidan help you.  His clients have taken note of his intelligent, respectful approach to their most demanding challenges, and he is committed to making the process easy for you to understand.

Aidan also works closely with clients to ensure that their families are taken care of, helping with:

  • wills and trusts that include provisions for tax and family management issues
  • Tax Planning
  • Medicaid planning and guardianship
  • living wills, healthcare proxies and powers of attorney
  • beneficiary changes and account transfers
  • gift taxes and asset transfers

And if you need a Supplemental Needs Trust, he will work with you to draft one that protects your family member with special needs, makes sure they’re taken care of, and preserves their governmental benefits.  He understands your concerns and has helped many families through this difficult process.  If you are a trustee of a Supplemental Needs Trust, he can help you administer the trust and explain the complicated rules that govern these trusts.No matter which kind of estate planning assistance you need, Aidan is there to help.

Business Law

Coming from a family with generations of small business owners, Aidan understands business from an owner’s perspective.  He knows the tax and employee issues they face, and the complexities inherent in the myriad transactions that take place every day with customers, vendors, banks, and other entities.

If you own a business, Aidan offers counsel in a number of important areas, including tax planning, formation, and business transactions, and will advise you and represent your company.  If you have questions regarding the establishment and operation of business entities, purchases and sales of assets and companies, labor, employment, and discrimination matters, and minimizing tax liability or maximizing tax credits, call on Aidan to help with the formation of business entities, including LLCs, corporations, and partnerships.  Aidan also assists business owners and executives with organizational documents, such as operating agreements and bylaws, buy-sell agreements, employment agreements, and independent contractor agreements.

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  • Jowonio School, Board of Directors
  • Symphoria, Board of Directors
  • Onondaga County Bar Association
  • New York State Bar Association
  • Member, Hiscock Legal Aid Society


  • J.D., State University of New York at Buffalo Law School, Cum Laude, 2012, 
  • B.A., Smith College, 2007


  • New York



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